In order for your website to become visible to people, it has to be hosted. There are various companies today in the market that are offering various kinds of hosting plans. According to studies, it showed that many people actually don't have any idea on which company is best to go with. Well, to help you to get through this, here are some points to remember while currently searching for a web hosting company.


Number 1. Server sharing - unless your site is up and getting steady flow of traffic, it is highly recommended to opt shared hosting. Shared plans aren't just affordable but also, they're very easy to use. Numerous companies allow different number of computers to share a server. In this case, it will be wise to do research first and find companies that allow the least number of system sharing on the same server. This is essential to avoid your website load too slow.


And while it is true that shared hosting plans are more affordable and ideal for startups, you must avoid them if you're starting an e-commerce site. Rather, you should opt for dedicated and virtual servers as these are more reliable and dependable solutions.


Number 2. Connection - much like other companies offering different web hosting packages, they also have varying internet connections. Some are slow while some are fast. Leading companies are offering T3 connections but if you are a little bit on budget, choosing a hosting company that provides at least T1 connection will be enough. In an effort avoid extremely slow internet connection, avoid those that are offering dialup connection.


Number 3. Terms of payment - web hosting companies have a couple of ways to which they charge clients for the service they offer and it is either by monthly rates or pay per use. If you do not have lots of traffic on your page, you may go with the later otherwise, if you are getting big amount of traffic, monthly payment plans will be the better option.



Number 4. Customer service - the internet is volatile and that anything can happen all of a sudden. One day you may wake up and find that your site is no longer accessible online. To be able to restore it and get explanations for the issue, the hosting company must be easy to reach. The company  has to provide you with a service you need as soon as possible so you can immediately get your site up and running.